About Us

We Love Lilly

The woman who started it all. The clothes. The community.

We love how it brings sunshine to the day. And how spotting a print in the world is like getting a sign to smile. We love the shared belief that life should be colorful. And how meeting a Lilly Lover turns into meeting a life-long friend. That’s what you can find here.The products we all love, and the people around them.

Here, you can find sisterhood, affinity, and connection. We believe that the joys of Lilly should be accessible to every woman. And that together, we can lift and learn from one another.

That’s what Friends That Lilly is about. Empowering each other to be our most radiant selves, supporting women-owned businesses, and holding inclusion to our core. Here, everyone is welcome to the party. And everyone is a friend.

Meet Michelle

My name is Michelle and I’ve been a Lilly Lover for 20+ years. For a while now I’ve been looking for ways to explore my passion for Lilly and promote positivity among women. The creation of Friends That Lilly was the perfect way to pursue this. I live for all things bright, colorful, and fun. (Guess it makes sense why I love Lilly so much.) Along with my family and six (yes, six) dogs, you can find me soaking up the sun at my house in Florida.

Join the Group

Connect with some new friends and join the conversation on the Friends That Lilly Facebook group.

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