Spotlight of the Month

Our community is filled with truly amazing people. That’s why every month we’ll be spotlighting awesome people in the community and businesses that are completely women-owned. If you know someone who deserves to shine, nominate them below.

October 2021

Women-Owned Business of the Month

Jennifer Borkowski

Jennifer is a self taught artist & calligrapher. She starting drawing at a very young age and had a special affection for drawing holiday themed art and making her own calendars. Originally from NJ, she now lives in Coastal NC with her husband. She has 3 grown children and is enjoying taking on her art career full time since becoming an empty nester!

Check out her designs on Etsy!

Lilly Lover of the Month

Erin Gaines

Erin Gaines lives in Hartwell, Georgia. She fell in love with Lilly over 15 years ago. She loves the bright beautiful patterns.

Erin is working hard to make sure that every student at Hartwell Elementary falls in love
with reading working as a Media Specialist. In 2018, she had a book vending machine purchased for the media center. More than 900 books have been given to students since then. She believes every student can become a lifelong reader. She is working hard to help foster a love for reading through author visits, storywalks with Hart, book
tastings, book talks, book clubs and the book vending machine.

Erin serves on many different leadership teams at Hartwell Elementary. In her free time she serves on the Hart County Recreation Advisory Board and the City of Hartwell’s Planning and Zoning Committee.

Erin is married to Kevin Gaines. They have two beautiful children. Her family loves to travel and visit new places.

Blogger of the Month

Melanin in Lilly
Andrea Pugh-Kelley & Ciera Campbell

Melanin in Lilly

We created Melanin in Lilly to highlight women of color and their love for Lilly Pulitzer. Historically, women of color have been left out of marketing/branding for higher end brands. We seek to always promote diversity and inclusion through showcasing women of different shapes, sizes and colors.

When we launched Melanin in Lilly, we had no idea how enjoyable and impactful this would be. Just two weeks after launching we hosted our first of many virtual sip and shops to support a local signature store. Our inbox is always full of women thanking us for creating a space where they feel they see a reflection of themselves. In addition to veteran Lilly Lovers, we’ve also introduced new black women to the brand (we aren’t responsible for your addiction).

Lilly Pulitzer is more than a fashion brand, it’s a family. We hope to be brand BFF’s and help spread sunshine to current and new Lilly Lovers. It is our goal to promote the Lilly Pulitzer brand through the lens of diverse women.


Hey! I’m Andrea! I like to describe my life as being a mix of Black-ish and Modern Family. There’s always some excitement around me. My life is a completely imperfectly chaotic purpose-driven, God-led beautiful mess. I am from Saginaw, Michigan. However, I currently live in Tallahassee, Florida as I am a Ph.D. Candidate in Environmental Science at Florida A&M University.
Outside of being a Lilly lover, I am a trained dancer of twenty-two years, a science buff, a retired pageant competitor, and I have an extreme love for all things Disney.

In 2018, I married my high school sweetheart and together we’re raising a playful teddy bear poodle, Chance the Puppy. We are very proud parents of our Lilly Princess Miss Dorian! Family matching is definitely our thing.
My favorite casual look is a popover with weekender leggings. This is also one of my go to looks for my weekends at Walt Disney World!

My “Kelley Ever After” is happening now and I am so excited to share it with you!

Follow Andrea on Instagram at @disgirlmagic.


Hey! I’m Ciera, I know what you’re thinking, *starts singing-this beat is automatic, supersonic, hypnotic, funky fresh.*

Although I wear Lilly, which represents a bold and bright lifestyle, I consider myself an ambivert.

I was born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. I am the youngest of two girls. I have the BEST older sisters ever. My parents say that my sisters would always speak for me, so I didn’t gain my voice until grade school. Because of my shyness, I love doing solo activities, paddle boarding, surfing, and swimming! Although, I’m not the best surfer.

On days where my shyness kicks in, wearing Lilly popovers or a linen button-down makes me feel bold and confident. My greatest attraction to Lilly is that my clothing speaks for me or is an aspiration to what I hope people see in me-bold, beautiful, and bright!

When I’m not posting on social for Melanin in Lilly, I’m either marketing kids’ content that your little ones watch on TV, riding my bike, or I’m at the beach.

All in all, I enjoy SEAsing the day!

Follow Ciera on Instagram at @seasmiless.

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