Savannah Soirée

We’re excited to officially announce our first soirée will be in Savannah, GA October 8th-10th.

If you’ve never been, get ready because Savannah is one charming city.
While we’re gathering there, we’ll be taking the iconic trolleys, dining at some of the best restaurants, and taking full advantage of all the historic photo ops. But the premier event will be a grand opening of a new signature store — the Printed Peach. The owner, Brynn, is an amazing woman and we hope you’ll help us celebrate her new business. And spoiler alert: the swag bag is going to be the best ever.

Here, you can find sisterhood, affinity, and connection. We believe that the joys of Lilly should be accessible to every woman. And that together, we can lift and learn from one another.

That’s what Friends That Lilly is about. Empowering each other to be our most radiant selves, supporting women-owned businesses, and holding inclusion to our core. Here, everyone is welcome to the party. And everyone is a friend.


Interested in the event? Save your spot and email us below.

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